Harward Irrigation Systems has a long history as Utah’s leading irrigation equipment supplier and engineering firm. The irrigation company was founded by Rich Harward in 1960, suppling Utah farmers and ranchers with high quality irrigation products and service. Following his retirement in 1977, his three nephews Randall, Richard and Calvin continued his legacy. Engineering began in 1989 in response to our customers’ requests for efficient irrigation design with people who knew the irrigation industry and equipment.

“Farmers Up” design approach listening to what the owners needs, concerns, and possible solutions and make those engineering realities.

Specializing in irrigation and irrigation water delivery projects, Harwards designs, procures funding, specifies, manages and installs projects using leading edge products and technologies to fulfill its unique requirements As the firm’s only area of interest is Irrigation Engineering and Equipment it is uniquely qualified to design your system, having an intimate knowledge of what products are available in the irrigation equipment industry and years of real world experience with all types of irrigation practices.

Harward’s unique approach puts the individual in charge of your project into all phases of the design process The project lead is hands on, conducting all meetings with stockholders, landowners, project sponsors, governmental agencies and others, personally performing all preconstruction surveys to identify potential construction and installation issues; material selection requirements; layout and design of all project components and cost estimating. Quality Control and Inspection personnel communicate directly to the project lead regarding issues arising in the field, and are given authority to make infield decisions to limit down time, reduce costs or shorten the construction schedule without compromising the overall quality of the project.

Harwards has a broad background of system design from small acreage on farm systems using drip and low pressure micro sprinkler, to large scale commercial farm solid set low pressure sprinklers to projects with dozens of center pivots. To date Harwards has designed irrigation and installed systems throughout the Western US.

Harward Consulting & Engineering, LLC. 940 S 2000 W Springville, Utah 84663